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Dragon Mania Legends characters are the various inhabitants of Dragolandia.

Led by Dunkelviking, a team of Vikings has taken over the land. His Viking Dragon teams must be defeated in order to reclaim the land. Professor Hogwin and his team work to defeat the evil Vikings.

Arya[edit | edit source]


The first character to be met in Dragolandia, Arya is the apprentice of Professor Hogwin. Being very knowledgeable in the raising and care of Dragons she gives instruction in her areas of expertise before rushing into battle to save the land and Dragons that she loves so dearly.

Ned[edit | edit source]


Ned is the son of Professor Hogwin. Following the instructions of his father, Ned takes the Codex to protect it and flees to the Mystic Cave to hide. Once the Mystic Cave entrance is cleared and Ned is found, he helps battle against the Vikings to save his father and reclaim the land.

Professor Hogwin[edit | edit source]

Professor Hogwin.png

Dr. Hogwin Hogvanhog, better known as Professor Hogwin, is a world-famous dragonologist and the creator of the Dragon Codex, a book containing information found in his research detailing information about all Dragons. Shortly after its creation, Dunkelviking and his followers attacked the Archipelago and kidnapped him in hopes of obtaining the Codex.

Dunkelviking[edit | edit source]


Dunkelviking is the first Viking to be met in battle. After attacking Dragolandia, this villainous Viking kidnaps Professor Hogwin and holds him hostage in an effort to obtain the Dragon Codex.

Olaf the Pungent[edit | edit source]

Olaf the Pungent.png

Olaf the Pungent, a dangerously malodorous Viking, is the brother of Dunkelviking.

Melvin the Malevolent[edit | edit source]

Melvin the Malevolent.png

Brant[edit | edit source]


Heinrich the Hideous[edit | edit source]

Heinrich the Hideous.png

Eliza the Masculine[edit | edit source]

Eliza the Masculine.png

Otto the Dungeon Master[edit | edit source]

Otto the Dungeon Master.png

Otto, the Dungeon Master, may first be encountered at the Clockwork Dungeon after winning Quest 44 (The Bob) in Normal Mode. He commands an ancient submarine full of many dangers, where the player may battle him for valuable rewards. Otto is a ruthless opponent in the world of Dragolandia as his unique battle style involves battling with two sets of three Dragons, unlike many other characters. His affiliation with the Vikings is unknown, yet, he aims to help Dragon trainers prepare for their battles against them.

With the introduction of Update 1.9, Otto branched out in his ventures and began operating a lottery in the hot air balloon that floats amongst the islands in the Archipelago. In exchange for viewing videos, he will reward players with a prize determined by the spin of his wheel.

Gunhilda[edit | edit source]

Gunhilda.png Gunhilda makes her first appearance in Level 118.

Rathorn[edit | edit source]