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The Wind Element is the second Element encountered in Dragon Mania Legends. In relation to base Elements in battle, it is strong when used against Earth and weak when used against Wind or Void. Furthermore, it is vulnerable to attacks by Fire or Light and is resistant to attacks by Wind. All Wind-Element Dragons can live in the Wind Habitat.

The Wind skill is Dark Clouds, which reduces the damage dealt by the enemy.

The base Dragon is the Wind Dragon.

Wind-base Dragons[edit]

Fire Wind
Earth Water
Plant Metal
Energy Void
Light Shadow
Legendary Divine
Type Dragon
Common (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png Wind Dragon
Dust Dragon
Ice Dragon
Seed Dragon
Smoke Dragon
Tornado Dragon
Uncommon (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png
Rare (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png Cosplay Dragon
Envoy Dragon
Felted Dragon
Gazelle Dragon
Ginger Dragon
Hippie Dragon
Masque Dragon
Origami Dragon
Owl Dragon
Palette Dragon
Peacock Dragon
Rastafari Dragon
Sunfeather Dragon
Epic (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png Arctic Dragon
Azure Dragon
Box Dragon
Cherry Dragon
Circus Dragon
Dice Dragon
Eagle Dragon
Fluffy Dragon
Flutterby Dragon
Ghost Dragon
Gobbler Dragon
Gryphon Dragon
Hearts Dragon
Icefeather Dragon
Kangaroo Dragon
Kitty Dragon
Luck Dragon
Merchant Dragon
Monk Dragon
Mosaic Dragon
Painted Dragon
Patriot Dragon
Polar Bear Dragon
Regal Dragon
Slam Dunk Dragon
Snow Globe Dragon
Snowman Dragon
Springtime Dragon
Tempest Dragon
Uncle Sam Dragon
Yarn Dragon
Boss Dragons Icon.png Gasper
Mr. Popsicle
Total 53

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