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The Water Element is the fourth Element encountered in Dragon Mania Legends and it is unlocked at Level 9. In relation to base Elements in battle, it is strong when used against Fire and weak when used against Water or Plant. Furthermore, it is vulnerable to attacks by Earth and Shadow and is resistant to attacks by Water. All Water-Element Dragons can live in the Water Habitat.

The Water skill is Revitalize, which heals all allied Dragons when used on an ally in battle. 

The base Dragon is the Water Dragon.

Water-base Dragons[edit]

Fire Wind
Earth Water
Plant Metal
Energy Void
Light Shadow
Legendary Divine
Type Dragon
Common (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png Water Dragon
Eel Dragon
Melon Dragon
Rain Dragon
Snow Dragon
Uncommon (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png Cloud Dragon
Rustwater Dragon
Rare (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png Bamboo Dragon
Clownfish Dragon
Genie Dragon
Heliotrope Dragon
Imperial Dragon
Leviathan Dragon
Liquid Fire Dragon
Pop Art Dragon
Skater Dragon
Submarine Dragon
Summer Dragon
Tricolor Dragon
Epic (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png Angler Dragon
Aquatic Dragon
Axolotl Dragon
Blueflame Dragon
Chameleon Dragon
Dile Dragon
Duskwing Dragon
Elixir Dragon
Gloom Lady Dragon
Gondola Dragon
Hammerhead Dragon
Hippo Dragon
Jellyfish Dragon
Kitsune Dragon
Marshmallow Dragon
Memorial Dragon
Pineapple Dragon
Pipe Dragon
Raincoat Dragon
Seahorse Dragon
Sea Turtle Dragon
Snowflake Dragon
Sprite Dragon
Tracht Dragon
Trickster Dragon
Tsunami Dragon
Turf Dragon
Boss Dragons Icon.png Croc
The Oddest
Total 49

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