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Reward Dragons are only given out as a reward for accomplishing specific tasks. They can be given as prizes for logging in daily after a certain number of days, awarded through the Friend System, Totem of Friendship, or through various other options.

Dragon Method Requirement
Balloon Dragon Totem of Friendship 7,500 Friendship Points
Bighorn Dragon Heroic Mode Quest 205
Farmer Dragon Recruitment Code 12 Recruits
Faun Dragon Daily Prizes Day 7
Firefly Dragon Daily Prizes Day 365
Herbalist Dragon Normal Mode Quest 295
Mountain Dragon Totem of Friendship 52,500 Friendship Points
Pharaoh Dragon Daily Prizes Day 120
Pop Art Dragon Recruitment Code 5 Recruits
Prairie Dragon Facebook Connecting
Professor Dragon Mentoring Program 10 Apprentices
Radiant Dragon Daily Prizes Day 30
Ragnarok Dragon Daily Prizes Day 60
Ribbon Dragon Heroic Mode Quest 295
Sage Dragon Daily Prizes Day 730
Steampunk Dragon Heroic Mode Quest 116
Tempest Dragon Daily Prizes Day 260