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Divine Islands are small, sea-floating structures, always located south of the Main Island, that are visible only during a limited period of time. They are the hosts of various Divine Thematics which borrow elements from mythology.

During the visibility of these islands, certain Divine Dragons can be obtained. The obtaining methods include winning them from completing rooms in Castle Events, completing various Boss Challenges, breeding them and opening Divine Chests. The Divine Chests are mystical boxes, filled with various resources and with specific Dragon Pieces, which can only be opened through the use of associated Divine Tickets.

Starting with the second island, Ticket Generators, small buildings with limited functionality, have been introduced as an additional method of obtaining these Divine Tickets. Each generator produces tickets at a different rate per hour and their ticket-holding capacity also varies. Each building gives an additional ticket upon purchase.

For easier collection, a Yellow-Bordered Icon.png appears above the building to indicate it has accumulated at least 30% of its capacity, while the Green-Bordered Icon.png appears when the generator is at 100% capacity. Both icons indicate the type of ticket generated by the building. Apart from this method of collecting, tickets can also be collected by pressing the Collect Gold Button.png button after the building is selected or by pressing the Collect Button.png from the information screen that appears through the Information Button 2.png option.

Each generator costs 1.99 USD, it is built instantly, yields no experience points and has a size of 2x2 squares. It can not be sold, but it can be stored in the inventory Inventory Icon.png. While Trainers can buy more than one generator of a different type, the exact same generator can be purchased only once.

These buildings are only functional during the time their associated Divine Chest can be opened, after which they turn into regular decorations once the Divine Chest can no longer be accessed. Once a Ticket Generator has its functionality limited to that of a decoration, it still can not be sold and can only be stored in the inventory. Selecting it brings up an additional option Information Button 2.png that, when pressed, brings up a small description of the generator.

Mythology Island Visibility Divine Chest(s) Divine Ticket(s) Ticket Generator(s)
Greek Mount Dragolympus.png
Mount Dragolympus
23 August - 9 October 2017 Divine Chest (Mount Dragolympus).png Divine Ticket (Mount Dragolympus) Icon.png None
Chinese Island of New Beginnings.png
Island of New Beginnings
16 February - 19 March 2018 Divine Chest (Island of New Beginnings).png Divine Ticket (Island of New Beginnings) Icon.png Divine Ticket Booth (Island of New Beginnings).png
Egyptian Golden Pyramid.png
Golden Pyramid
13 July - 20 August Divine Chest - Sun (Golden Pyramid).png Divine Ticket - Sun (Golden Pyramid) Icon.png Pyramid of the Sun.png
Divine Chest - Moon (Golden Pyramid).png Divine Ticket - Moon (Golden Pyramid) Icon.png Pyramid of the Moon.png
Norse Midgarden.png
9 October - currently Divine Chest - Wood (Midgarden).png Divine Ticket - Wood (Midgarden) Icon.png Totem of Wood.png
Divine Chest - Frost (Midgarden).png Divine Ticket - Frost (Midgarden) Icon.png Totem of Frost.png

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