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The sixth classified type is Divine and it is the highest tier of classification in terms of rarity. It mostly applies to Dragons, but there are other instances where gameplay elements have a designed rarity. As such, this rarity also applies to Divine Chests.

In terms of Dragons, this type includes all Dragons that have the Divine Element as their base Element. Dragons with this base Element have two additional Elements which can be unlocked (awoken); the first upon reaching Level 20 and the second at Level 30. The second Element must be awoken before the third Element can be. Additionally, Trainers themselves must be Level 20 in order to be able to awaken the first Element and Level 30 in order to awaken the second Element. Awakening Elements can only be done from the inside of that Dragon's Habitat.

The first Element will cost 750,000 Gold and takes 1 day to unlock while the second Element will cost 99 Gems and takes 2 days to unlock. While an Element is being awoken, Dragons will still produce Gold in their Habitat but are not available to be interacted with or perform any action whatsoever. Once awakening an Element is finished, the Yellow-Bordered Awoken Element (Divine Dragons) Icon.png icon will be shown atop their Habitat. These Dragons can only be housed in a Divine Habitat, regardless of their awoken Elements. Even if a Divine Dragon does not have any of their secondary Elements awoken, Enchantment Materials matching those Elements will still need to be used in order to enchant that Dragon. Additionally, whenever specific Elements are needed to access some gameplay elements in the game or various battle settings (such as those in Castle Events), Divine Dragons possessing that specific Element must have it awoken before being allowed access.

Common Uncommon
Rare Epic
Legendary Divine
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Important Icon.png A complete comparison of Divine Dragons can be found here.

Dragon Element 2 Element 3
Anubis Dragon Shadow Void
Aphrodite Dragon Fire Water
Apollo Dragon Fire Plant
Ares Dragon Earth Metal
Chang'e Dragon Shadow Energy
Chrono Aphrodite Dragon Plant Light
Chrono Hades Dragon Energy Wind
Chrono Zeus Dragon Shadow Metal
Erlang Shen Dragon Metal Void
Freyja Dragon Plant Wind
Frigg Dragon Light Wind
Hades Dragon Shadow Earth
Hathor Dragon Shadow Light
Heimdall Dragon Fire Void
Hephaestus Dragon Fire Metal
Hermes Dragon Wind Plant
Hou Yi Dragon Light Metal
Hypnos Dragon Void Wind
Isis Dragon Wind Fire
Loki Dragon Shadow Plant
Nezha Dragon Earth Water
Odin Dragon Energy Shadow
Osiris Dragon Water Shadow
Pangu Dragon Plant Earth
Poseidon Dragon Water Void
Ra Dragon Fire Light
Seth Dragon Shadow Plant
Taiyi Zhenren Dragon Light Shadow
Thor Dragon Energy Metal
Zeus Dragon Light Energy