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The "Boss" rank has to be earned; no one can breed a Boss Dragon. Although they won't participate in battles, feel free to let them walk around your islands and help other dragons PRODUCE GOLD 10% FASTER.

Boss Dragons Icon.png
Boss Dragons are special Dragons that can be bought from the store, once unlocked, in exchange for Gems.

Major Boss Quest Icon.png The Boss Quest is indicated on the Campaign Map with a large red button that has a white skull symbol, as well as the Boss Dragon that must be defeated sitting atop it. The Boss Dragon must be battled and defeated. Once the Boss has been defeated in Normal Mode, it will immediately become available for purchase and a window will appear informing the player, giving them the option to immediately head to the Main Shop through the Get This Boss Dragon Now! Button.png button in order to purchase the Dragon, or to resume battling on the map through the Continue Button.png button.

Identical Boss Dragons can be bought multiple times only if they are offered in a sale. Otherwise, each of them can be bought only once. These Dragons can only be placed in a Boss Habitat, which costs 50 Gems and will hold only one of the Bosses, but can be upgraded to Level 2, in exchange for 150 Gems, and will hold two Bosses.

The Boss Dragons can not breed or be bred, do not produce Gold or participate in any battle, and can not be leveled. Instead, each Boss Dragon bought inspires all other Dragons to produce their Gold an additional 10% faster per Boss Dragon. The amount of additional Gold a Dragon will produce per hour as a result of this bonus will be shown in parentheses next to their regular Gold production. Additionally, Boss Dragons do not have given names, thus they can not be renamed.

Regarding their aspect, these Dragons are based upon regular Dragons, the differences being that they have a much larger size; they have a golden chest plate with an aqua centerpiece equipped, some also possessing side plates with the same design, and all carrying golden gauntlets. They have no baby form, however their eggs are the same as their standard counterparts.

The total cost of buying all of the Boss Dragons is 26,534 Gems.
Boss Gem Cost Normal Mode Heroic Mode
Atlas 300 10 44
Bonehead 1,850 140 140
Brickon 1,250 92 68 & 92
Brutus 1,800 128 128
Crankster 750 56 20
Dusty 2,324 194 194
Floe 2,222 184 184
Gasper 1,000 80 104
Korloth 1,750 116 80
La Fontaine 450 20 5
Mini 2,499 205 205
Mr. Popsicle 250 5 15
Snowball 1,900 152 152
Stinky 2,150 174 174
The Oddest 375 15 32
The Sludge 550 32 10
Thunder Wolf 865 68 -
Triad 1,600 104 -
Twinkles 1,999 164 164
Venomina 650 44 56

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