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Base Health

From Dragon Mania Legends Wiki

The Health stat formula is used to determine a Dragon's endurance in battle, before factoring in Elemental skills. Dragons with an identical base Health stat will increase, by level, at the same rate.

Base Stat Determination[edit]

The base Health value is affected by the Elements of the Dragon. Earth, Water, Plant, Metal, Void, Light, Legendary, and Divine Elements increase Health, while Fire, Wind, Energy, and Shadow Elements decrease it. The "base" Health value with no Elements is 200. Any secondary Elements of a Legendary or Divine Dragon apply after they have been awoken.

The full equation for determining Base Health from Elements is:

Base Health = 200 + (Sum of Element Values)

Element values are:

If the Dragon is a Boss Dragon, the final result is multiplied by 4.


First Example
The Agent Dragon is an Epic Dragon with Metal, Void, and Earth Elements.


  1. Base Health = 200 + (MetalValue + VoidValue + EarthValue)
  2. Base Health = 200 + (16 + 6 + 14)
  3. Base Health = 200 + 36
  4. Base Health = 236

Second Example
The Ash Dragon is an Epic Dragon with Fire, Plant, and Wind Elements.


  1. Base Health = 200 + (FireValue + PlantValue + WindValue)
  2. Base Health = 200 + (-6 + 8 + -2)
  3. Base Health = 200 + 0
  4. Base Health = 200


The following Dragons do not follow this formula and thus have their own Base Health.

Stat Growth[edit]

The Health stat grows in an exponential growth format.

The equation for an individual level is fairly complex and is as follows:

Health = Round(Round(200*1.2^(Level-1))*(Base/200))


First Example
The Health stat for a Demonic Dragon (Fire and Shadow) at Level 30 is:

  1. Health = Round(Round(200*1.2^(30-1))*(188/200))
  2. Health = Round(Round(200*1.2^29)*0.94)
  3. Health = Round(39563*0.94)
  4. Health = Round(37189.22)
  5. Health = 37189

So the Health stat for a Demonic Dragon at Level 30 is 37,189.

Second Example
The Health stat for a Zeus Dragon, with all Elements awoken (Divine, Light, Energy), at Level 50 is:

  1. Health = Round(Round(200*1.2^49)*1.21)
  2. Health = Round(1516740*1.21)
  3. Health = Round(1835255.4)
  4. Health = 1835255

So the Health stat for a Zeus Dragon at Level 50 is 1,835,255.


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