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Base Gold per Hour

From Dragon Mania Legends Wiki

The Gold stat formula is used to determine how much Gold a Dragon will produce per hour while in its Habitat. Dragons with an identical base Gold stat will increase, by level, at the same rate.

Base Stat Determination[edit]

The base Gold per Hour value is affected by the Elements and rarity type of the Dragon. The Water Element and the Common type have no effect. All other Elements and types will increase the value. The "base" Gold per Hour value with no Elements is 180. In the case of Legendary and Divine Dragons, all three Elements are applied, regardless of awoken status.

Base Gold/Hour = 180 + Sum of Element values + Type value

The Element values are:

The type values are:


First Example
The Kongming Dragon is an Epic Dragon with Light, Shadow and Fire Elements.


  1. Base Gold/Hour = 180 + 180 + 180 + 30 + 120
  2. Base Gold/Hour = 690

Second Example
The Water Dragon is a Common Dragon with the Water Element.


  1. Base Gold/Hour = 180 + 0 + 0
  2. Base Gold/Hour = 180

Stat Growth[edit]

The equation to find the Gold stat progress, or to find the empirical formula for each base stat is:

Gold/hour = BaseStat + Round(BaseStat/14.44)*4*(Level-1)


First Example
The Gold/Hour stat for the Tribal Dragon at Level 40 is:

  1. Gold/Hour = 330 + Round(330/14.44) * 4 * (40-1)
  2. Gold/Hour = 330 + Round(22.85)*4*(40-1)
  3. Gold/Hour = 330 + 23*4*39
  4. Gold/Hour = 330 + 3588
  5. Gold/Hour = 3918

So the Gold/Hour stat for the Tribal Dragon at Level 40 is 3,918.

Second Example
The Gold/Hour stat for the Zeus Dragon, with all Elements awoken (Divine, Light, Energy), at Level 50 is:

  1. Gold/Hour = 1050 + Round(1050/14.44) * 4 * (50-1)
  2. Gold/Hour = 1050 + Round(72.71)*4*(50-1)
  3. Gold/Hour = 1050 + 73*4*49
  4. Gold/Hour = 1050 + 14308
  5. Gold/Hour = 15358

So the Gold/Hour stat for the Zeus Dragon at Level 50 is 15,358.


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