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The Attack stat formula is used to determine the amount of damage a Dragon deals in battle, before factoring in Elemental skills. For Dragons with an identical base Attack stat, the stat progression can vary slightly starting with a certain level.

Base Stat Determination[edit]

The base Attack value is affected by the Elements of the Dragon. Fire, Wind, Water, Plant, Energy, Void, Light, Shadow, Legendary, and Divine Elements increase the Attack of a Dragon while Earth and Metal decrease its Attack. The "base" Attack value with no Elements is 60. Any secondary Elements of a Legendary or Divine Dragon apply after they have been awoken.

The full equation for determining Base Attack from Elements is:

Base Attack = 60 + ROUND(Sum of Element Values)

Element values are:

If the Dragon is a Boss Dragon, the final result is multiplied by 4.


First Example
The Agent Dragon is an Epic Dragon with Metal, Void, and Earth Elements.


  1. Base Attack = 60 + Round(MetalValue + VoidValue + EarthValue)
  2. Base Attack = 60 + Round(-1.8 + 2.4 + -1.8)
  3. Base Attack = 60 + Round(-1.2)
  4. Base Attack = 60 + -1
  5. Base Attack = 59

Second Example
The Ash Dragon is an Epic Dragon with Fire, Plant, and Wind Elements.


  1. Base Attack = 60 + Round(FireValue + PlantValue + WindValue)
  2. Base Attack = 60 + Round(3 + 1.2 + 1.8)
  3. Base Attack = 60 + Round(6)
  4. Base Attack = 60 + 6
  5. Base Attack = 66


The following Dragons do not follow this formula and thus have their own Base Attack.

Stat Growth[edit]

The Attack stat grows in an exponential growth format.

The equation for an individual level is fairly complex and is as follows:

Attack = Round(Round(60*1.2^(Level-1))*(NonRoundedBase/60)


First Example
The Attack stat for a pre-awakened Legendary at Level 20 is:

  1. Attack = Round(Round(60*1.2^(20-1))*(72/60))
  2. Attack = Round(Round(60*1.2^19)*1.2)
  3. Attack = Round(1917*1.2)
  4. Attack = Round(2300.4)
  5. Attack = 2300

So the Attack stat for a pre-awakened Legendary at Level 20 is 2,300.

Second Example
The Attack stat for the Zeus Dragon, with all Elements awoken (Divine, Light, Energy), at Level 50 is:

  1. Attack = Round(Round(60*1.2^(50-1))*(82.2/60))
  2. Attack = Round(Round(60*1.2^49)*1.37)
  3. Attack = Round(455022*1.37)
  4. Attack = Round(623380.14)
  5. Attack = 623380

So the Attack stat for the Zeus Dragon at Level 50 is 623,380.


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