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Breeding Den

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See Breeding for more information

Breed Button 2.png
The Breeding Den is the only place where Dragons can breed in order to obtain other Dragons. Selecting the Den will bring up three breeding options. The first option Goals - Breeding.png takes the player to a screen which shows two lists, side by side, of all of the player's Dragons which are eligible for breeding, and a Dragon is selected from each list. The Dragons can be filtered either by Element using the Search Button.png button or by name using the Search Name Button.png button. The second option Rebreed Button.png reproduces the last breeding combination the player used and the third option Enchanted Breeding Button 2.png gives direct access to the Enchanted Breeding menu. The last option can be accessed even if a breeding is currently ongoing.

Once the Dragons the player desires to breed together are selected and the Breed Button.png button is pressed, the Dragons will breed for a period of time to produce one egg. If the player has an active VIP Status of Level 2 or higher, the VIP Status Icon.png icon will be shown on the button. In addition to those two breeding options, selecting the Breeding Den will also bring up the Information Button 2.png option and pressing it will display information about the basics of breeding or Enchanted Breeding.

After a breeding has started, the time remaining until it is finished will be shown across the Breeding Den. Selecting the Breeding Den during the breeding time will bring up the Speed-Up Button 2.png option which displays the amount of Gems needed to skip the remaining breeding time. Selecting the option will bring up a window where the player can see the two breeding Dragons, the time left until the breeding is finished, and the Skip All Button.png button. Pressing this button will speed-up the remaining time, allowing the breeding to be finished.

Dragons that are in the Breeding Den will not produce Gold, perform any actions, or be interacted with in any way whatsoever. They also will not be able to return to their Habitats until breeding is finished (which is indicated by the Yellow-Bordered Heart Icon.png icon atop the Breeding Den) and the resulting egg has been moved to the Hatchery. If the Breeding Den is selected while having this icon above it, the egg will be automatically moved to the Hatchery if there are free nests. If there are no free nests, a window will appear informing the player they have to free some nests before placing the egg. Once the player has provided enough space for the egg, the Breeding Den can be selected and the now-available Hatch Egg Button.png button can be pressed to send the egg to the Hatchery. Whenever a Dragon is unavailable for breeding, its snapshot in the Den will be grayed out and the reason will be given in the corner of its snapshot.

Upgrading[edit | edit source]

Enchanted Breeding Button.png

See Enchanted Breeding for more information

The Breeding Den can be upgraded to various levels in order for specific Dragons to be bred so as to obtain Enchantment Dragons. The Den can only be upgraded in exchange for Enchantment Trinkets and each new level of the Breeding Den that is unlocked opens up certain Enchantment Dragons. The Breeding Den always takes 6x6 squares in size, regardless of its level.

Breeding - Enchanted Breeding.png
Breeding Den
Breeding Den - Level 1.png
Breeding Den - Level 2.png
Breeding Den - Level 3.png
Breeding Den - Level 4.png
Breeding Den - Level 5.png
Breeding Den - Level 6.png
Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Upgrade Cost None 500 Enchantment Trinkets Icon.png 2,500 Enchantment Trinkets Icon.png 7,500 Enchantment Trinkets Icon.png 15,000 Enchantment Trinkets Icon.png 25,000 Enchantment Trinkets Icon.png
Experience None 5,000 25,000 75,000 150,000 250,000

Once the Den is upgraded for the very first time, the Enchanted Breeding Button.png option will be made available on the right-hand side of the screen after opening the Breeding Den. Accessing this screen will bring up a selection of all the Enchantment Dragons currently available in the game. Each Dragon has their rarity displayed in the top-right corner of their snapshot and the Information Button.png button in the opposite corner. Pressing it will bring up the Codex entry of that Dragon. Dragons that have not yet been unlocked will have their snapshot grayed out along with information about the level the Breeding Den needs to be upgraded to.

Selecting any Enchantment Dragon that is available for breeding will display the specific combination of Dragons it requires. If both Dragons are free and meet the necessary Enchantment Level, the Start Breeding Button.png option can be pressed to commence breeding them together. If a Dragon is unavailable for breeding, its snapshot will be grayed out and the reason will be listed next to it. If a Dragon does not meet the required Enchantment Level, the necessary level will be displayed next to its snapshot, and in addition to it being grayed out, the snapshot will have the Enchant Button 2.png button on it. Pressing that button will take the player to the enchanting screen where the Dragon will automatically be selected. If the player does not have one of the necessary Dragons, its snapshot will be grayed out and the Get It! Button.png button will appear on it. Upon pressing it, the player will be taken back to the main screen of the Breeding Den.

Noteworthy Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Update 3.1 made it possible to access the Enchanted Breeding menu while the Den is busy. Additionally, the Skip 30 Minutes Button.png option was discontinued.
  • Update 3.0 replaced the information windows, that appear when pressing the Information Button 2.png button, with new ones and added two additional ones. It also introduced the option to partially skip breeding times by watching videos whenever the Skip 30 Minutes Button.png button is available.
  • Update 2.9 changed the Health Icon (Old).png icon on buttons and wherever else it appears with the Health Icon.png icon. Additionally, it added the Enchanted Breeding Button 2.png button to the Breeding Den.
  • Update 2.5 introduced an additional information window when pressing the Information Button 2.png button.
  • Update 2.3 introduced upgrades for the Breeding Den as part of the Enchantment feature.
  • Update 2.1 introduced the option to search Dragons by their name Search Name Button.png.
  • Update 1.4 introduced the re-breed button and replaced the Information Button (Old).png button with the Information Button 2.png button.
  • Update 1.1 added the information window for the basics of breeding to the Breeding Den through the newly-introduced Information Button (Old).png button.

Gallery[edit | edit source]